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Apr. 30th, 2008

just listen..


FIC: Someday You Will Be Loved

so....after years of lurking around all over the place i wrote this...i originally posted it over at KennedyFanfic.com a while ago...but then i put on my journal...and thought 'why the hell not? i'll find a community and post' haha

be warned. i was not in a happy place when i wrote this..
BUT i am a diehard willow/kennedy shipper. dont let this fool you.

also..this is my first time posting a fic on lj. so....yeah. that is all.

first time posting....be niceCollapse )

Feb. 17th, 2008



OMG! A "More or Less" Fic Update!

More or Less: Let Go

Link to Chapter:
Link to Entire Fic:


Rating: R

Pairings: Buffy/other, Giles/other

Summary: (A Buffy in England Chapter) Buffy thinks about returning to Sunnydale or having a future in England. Giles is confronted with his past, present and future. What’s it like to be a Slayer and a woman? What’s it like to be Giles as a Watcher and an old man?

Notes: This is a chapter of a very long series. (See Links above &below) Buffy had to jump dimensions to avoid The First. Buffy inexplicably returned to this dimension and feeling dazed went to stay with Giles in England and only told Spike and Willow of her return. Faith and Spike continue to guard the Sunnydale Hellmouth. This chapter features Buffy's life in England as she struggles to find her purpose in a world she has been thrust back into…again.

Warnings: Sex, Het, Giles orgy talk, horror, dark magic(k), Ripper moment

**Faith, Spike, Connor, Angel, Willow, Kennedy and Dawn may not be in this one chap, but they are a key part of the whole story so this is posted to all interested communities. 

Link to Chapter:

Links to Entire Fic:


Jan. 28th, 2008

kitestring, w/k otp


Willowy Goodness Awards

I saw some pimping for the Willowy Goodness Awards and couldn't help but notice that it sorely lacks nominations involving Willow/Kennedy. So maybe we should dig some up? Just a thought. Noms close in 3 days; read the rules.

Jan. 9th, 2008

kitestring, w/k otp


New Drabble: Music (BtVS, W/K, Mature)

I dashed off a drabble earlier, so I thought I'd share. It's rated mature, for implied adult activities, and found on my website here:


Nov. 25th, 2007



Credits for My Fic w/ Willow/Kennedy

You-Tube Credits for my Faith Spin-Off!!

Awesome Credits for “More or Less”, my Giant Post-Chosen Faith Spin-off :


By The Greatly Talented Vidder J-dos:


Comments Please!

The actual fic “More or Less” can be read here:

Will be updated Soon!

Nov. 8th, 2007

fuzzy lobster, idic


fic: Ever After W/K 1/1 M

I have a strange little fic offering today. It's sort of a slice of life thing that I needed to get out of my head. No apologies, it is what it is.

Title: Ever After
Author: Spiletta42
Rating: M
Fandom: BtVS
Warnings: femslash
Pairings: W/K
Spoilers: the movie Lost and Delirious, season 7 of BtVS
Summary: A snapshot of Willow and Kennedy's life in Brazil post-series. Comicverse irrelevant either way.

Ever After

Oct. 3rd, 2007

Vala stealing


A Favor?


Hi ladies, I'm Vala, and I come to offer you a deal. You see, I'm on this game show thing, and right now I need your votes. If you come through for me, and I win the POV, I can get spiletta42 to write a nice fluffy little Willow/Kennedy fic, because as one of the voices in her head I have that power. And you know she's good. She wrote Kite String So remember, a vote for Vala in fandommbb means a vote for brand new W/K fic from spiletta42!

Support Vala!

Watch . . . erm, rather, read Fandom Big Brother, and comment in this thread to vote for Vala Mal Doran in the first Power of Veto Competition. Vote by Friday, October 5, 2007.

/spam (but there's fic in it, see? *points*

Sep. 9th, 2007

fuzzy lobster, idic


Kite String: The Soundtrack (W/K fanmix)

Now that I have more bandwidth to burn, I have a fanmix to pimp. This streams from my website, but you have to read the directions (yes, I know, concept) because music that starts on its own is just bad html.

fanmix cover behind cutCollapse )

Aug. 9th, 2007



Fic: More or Less 36-- M

Title: More or Less- My body is a cage (my mind holds the key)

Author: Strange Bint

Email: strangelilgrrl@aol.com

Rating: M

Website: strangebint.com

Summary: A while back, Faith trusted a wizard to remove the extra Slayer Power she took in order to save Spike’s life. Now he’s back and he’s a god who wants more power. But, Faith doesn’t exactly have it to give. He isn’t really taking “no” for an answer in more ways than one. What’s a weak chick with a vampire boyfriend possessed by a power hungry god to do? Ask for help and get everyone else killed or go quietly even though the world might end? Caring is a bitch. (Spike/Faith, Faith & Kennedy Willow/Kennedy, Faith/Wood, Angel & Connor, Dawn, Xander, magic & power issues, h/c, light D&B, *some violence & assault issues that are NOT glorified or sexualized and never will be*)

Link to chapter:

Link to last chapter:

Link to whole fic:

Past relevant chapter:


Jul. 11th, 2007


(no subject)

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More at LolBuffy!

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