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strangebint in willowkennedy

Fic Update: More or Less (R) Faith/Spike fic Willow/Kennedy

Title: More or Less- “How to balance your Sexy Jewish-Wicca Princess Goddess and You Ex-Con Best-friend.”


Rating: R (for sexual content)


Feedback: strangelilgrrl75@aol.com


Pairings: Willow/Kennedy, Spike/Faith, Faith & Kennedy


Summary: Chapter on long standing Spike/Faith & Connor Centered Spin-off with lots of Willow/Kennedy and ensemble. In this chapter: HOT LESBIAN ACTION. Not to mention the wonderful character study of relationship dynamics and how each character has grown and changed due to each other. Oh, and the flip-side of that with secrets and looming tragedy. Did I mention HOT LESBIAN ACTION.


Note: More crazy Buffy in England coming soon.


Link to Current Chapter: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1686502/41/The_Forget_Me_Not_Series


Link to Basic Facts about this Fic:  http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4391445/1/Basic_Facts_About_FGMNMore_or_Less_FaithFic


Link to Episode Summaries: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4572694/1/Full_Episode_summaries_for_Forget_Me_NotMore_or


Link to You-Tube Opening Credits: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VIUqUeCbBBk


A/N: Anyway, if you live in California please vote NO on Prop 8. A NO for 8 is a NO for Hate! Marriage and Family for all!


        Want Kennedy’s t-shirt from this fic go to: www.hotheadpaisan.com


Link to current chapter again: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1686502/41/The_Forget_Me_Not_Series

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More or Less Chapter 41


"Come to bed. You need sleep," Kennedy said when Willow gave her that doubting school teacher look, "No, I really mean it. Sleep for you. I'll even leave, but not before I tuck you in."


"No leaving for you, missy," Willow looked up at Kennedy from her computer screen as she came closer.


 "Okay," Kennedy said, "How 'bout I just promise not to attack you in your sleep?"


"Hey, I'm the one that's been doing all the attacking lately. Do you want me to stop?"


"Not ever, but don't tell anyone. It'll ruin my dyke-in-control street cred."


"There's dyke street cred? You have to tell me these things!"


Kennedy gave her girlfriend a long hard peck on the lips.


"No I don't," Kennedy said as she moved around to sit on Willow's lap, "I keep telling you: you're a goddess, and you're above all of that. Just like you're above over-working for the morally questionable Sunnydale University."


"I'm actually not working on work, but even a goddess has gotta pay the bills somehow," Willow said as she slipped her arm around Kennedy.


"You don't have to do that either," Kennedy said, "Let me take care of you. My family has more money than god, which is at least as much as Angel with the Wolfram and Hart LA branch."


Kennedy curled herself up in Willow's desk arm chair, in her arms, as small as she could as she offered Willow everything.


"We could be like Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend, only without the excessive tanning and the skank-icity."


"Yeah, but I think they're both loaded, and I don't mean with drugs. Not anymore," Kennedy said, "Don't you notice how the press fails to mention that since Lohan came out and found that girl she stopped crashing cars into things?"


"Just like me after I found you!" Willow exclaimed happily and then began kissing Kennedy grabbing at her hips and ass.


"I kinda found you, remember?" Kennedy reminded between kisses, "I found you and I wanted to sweep you off your feet and save you so you could be my princess. But it ended up--"


"You ended up helping me find myself," Willow said, "No one else could do that, Kennedy. Not the way you have. I've had people who love me save me before, like a million times. I've been really lucky like that. I kinda have been a princess in a nerdy-best-friend-sometimes-going-to-the-dark-side-way, but I never had anyone help me just be me with all the bitchy dark stuff. Oh no! Does this mean I 'm a Jewish Princess now?"


"I'd love it if you were my Jewish Princess," Kennedy said, "But Willow, you don't get it when I say: 'You are a goddess.' That's way above princess in rank. You really can do anything with your magic, anything you want. You're saying I helped you be you, bitch and all, meanwhile who made me reach my full potential last week? You turned me into a Slayer, baby. You saved my life!"


"Um, no, you saved my life. Not to mention Dawn's and Xander's and those poor kids I froze up on. I-I knew I couldn't use any magic on those…things. I would have destroyed us all with them. Then you came and you-- I didn 't really turn you into a Slayer, if the Potential, with a capital 'P', wasn't already in you I could have never done that. It wasn't like it was a planned spell. I don't even know how I did it or why it only lasted long enough to kill those-- I couldn't defend myself. I couldn't stop them from--but I saw you. You wanted to fight. You weren't afraid to---I was not going to let them hurt you," Willow said.


Kennedy saw Willow's face go pale and her brow twist up, and she knew her girl was thinking about those Nazi bastards. She got off Willow's lap and pulled Willow's face to hers.


"Stop it. Stop thinking about them," Kennedy demanded and then she kissed Willow. She felt her lips tremble in the kiss.


"I killed them all. I chopped them up so thin they couldn't be a stew in those ovens. They will never hurt you again," Kennedy said firmly, " I'm the only thing that will ever touch your beautiful Holy skin of the chosen people."


Kennedy pulled up the sleeve of Willow's fuzzy flannel cow pajamas to reveal a patch of red irritated skin on the inside of her porcelain white lower arm. There was clearly a thin black number 7 burnt into Willow's arm in the patch of red pain. Kennedy kissed and licked the burn. This was the first time she had done that. Even though the injury was a week old and she hadn't left Willow's side since.


"No! No! No!" Kennedy said firmly as Willow began to cry, " We're not going to let them win."


She went back to kissing Willow's lips. Willow began to kiss back wildly and coax Kennedy to the floor. Before Kennedy could pull Willow to her and brush back her red messy morning hair and kiss her some more, Willow was yanking at the elastic of Kennedy's bright green sweat pants and burying her face between Kennedy's legs. Kennedy looked down at her lower body with her eyes half closed in joy as Willow licked at her spot. She thought it looked like some kind of X-rated Christmas as Willow's red hair waved out over the thighs of Kennedy' s green sweats. Of course, Kennedy knew it was more like Chanukah and she was totally converted. This was about her eighth day with Willow giving her these gifts. Willow didn't let up on her for a second even as Kennedy tried to reach out to give her anywhere near the same pleasure. Kennedy just had to give into The Goddess as she used her magic fingers and sweet mouth everywhere and everyway. She threw herself into the extreme pleasure. In between moaning and going beyond moaning into silent screaming maybe non-humans could here Kennedy would say: "You're amazing. You're the best. I love you, Red."


She started to plead: "Let me worship you. Let me worship you, please." When she felt like she was going to explode in a new way, her pussy satisfied completely buzzing and aching. She wanted to taste Willow's skin, feel the firm and the give of her apple shaped ass. Kennedy wanted to watch Willow's thin bowed upper-lip and her pouty bottom lip open wide as her long graceful neck arched and her turned up nose pointed towards the ceiling of Buffy Summer's old house. She wanted Willow to feel something that was 10 times more amazing than anything in her old life in this house. She wanted to make her scream about it. Of course, Kennedy Ordonez always gets her way. "You are so beautiful, so, so beautiful. I just want to give you everything. Give you everything all the time," she said when her tongue stud wasn't curling and caressing around all things Willow.


Then, something happened that never had before. Willow talked. "I need you," she said. Willow liked to talk during their cute little sex-magic experiments where she made Kennedy float sometimes. But, she didn't talk like this. Not during real sex, not while she was coming. "I need you. I need you so much, Kennedy! I never needed anyone like I need--"


Then Willow came so hard she screamed. Kennedy felt the world shake-- literally. And she knew it wasn't an earthquake or a demon attack. It was Willow. She held on to Willow's hips tight. When Willow reached out for her she immediatly slid up to be wrapped in the arms of her earth moving mama.


"I should be worried, or guilty about that, shouldn't I?" Willow panted and laughed.


"Only if you believe the republicans," Kennedy said.


"I'm still changing. I'm becoming more powerful, in a good way because of you," Willow said.


"That's what I've been trying to say, but every time I try to talk about it you--"


"Got on you like you were a lollipop with a candy center of pure hot Greek/Latina goodness?" Willow smiled now.


"Yeah, like I said, I'm not going to complain about that if you want to continue it. But, you have to let me give a little too," Kennedy smiled back at her.


"Can't I give a little more? I was up here working on trying to see how I can turn you into a Slayer permanently and I gotta get back to work," Willow said and she got back up to her computer.


"Willow, you shouldn't--"


"I know; I know I shouldn't mess with forces that I have no right to mess with. Believe me I know it. But, I know I'm not doing that this time. The sharing Slayer spell was just too dangerous for all those girls. It wouldn't be for you. I don't know why the choosy-Slayer-goddesses chose Faith over you. I never would, and it's not because I need you, or love you. You're special, Kennedy."


"I was just going to say you shouldn't work so hard for me," Kennedy said, "And thanks for saying you'd choose me over my hot best friend. And I'm not going to make a big thing about how you said you loved me and you never said that before. I'll just casually lean up on the desk so I don't fall over after I put my pants back on."


"Let's not get crazy with the pants. So Faith is really your best friend?" Willow asked, "And you think she's hot?"


"I think she knows how to keep a squad functioning at its best. And I'd never tell her this, but I've come to totally respect how she went all reverse gender-role chivalrous and give up her Slayer Power to save Princess Spike. It's worked out well. I'd never want to step on her toes and become The Slayer," Kennedy said.


She gripped the desk that she was leaning her ass on as she took her lower lip between her teeth and looked straight ahead to think as she was in nothing but her old "Hothead Paisan" t-shirt.


 "But, I guess I wouldn't be The Slayer; Faith would still be the Slayer," Kennedy said, "I'd just be reaching my full potential because of my totally awesome girlfriend! I suppose having at least one chick around with super strength couldn't hurt. I mean, it's a total sausage-fest of superheroes out there. I feel like I'm in an episode of 'Super-Friends', accept the dudes are pale, and most of them live in my house and complain about my taste in television."


"'Numbers' is a great show! I love doing the math so you can figure out the mystery," Willow said, "That's it. I'm getting right on making you Wonder Woman and you should move in here with us."


"You want me to--I own that house over there, you know? You want me to leave it to the ex-con and her vamps?" Kennedy turned to look at Willow.


She had wanted Willow to move into her house for ages, away from this Summer's house and the ghost of Tara. Now Willow was saying she wanted Kennedy to move in to this house. But, Willow didn't seem to be thinking about Tara at all. She seemed to be thinking about Kennedy. But, it wasn't like Willow hadn't been focused on Kennedy before in the house of Buffy Summers, The Slayer that had long been in another demension.


"Willow," Kennedy swallowed looking into those big brown eyes of hers, "If we move too fast for you, we'll just have to back up and as much as I think I'm strong enough to take on anything for you, I don't think I can take that again." 


"You are strong enough for anything. It's me that's not pulling my weight. I do want to figure out this Slayer spell for you kinda fast because I want to do it before I go on my trip to England," Willow said.


Before Kennedy could ask anything Willow was pecking at her lips.


"I promise I won't be long, sweetie. I meant to mention it sooner, but with all the Nazi zombies followed by the earth shattering sex …And when I come back I promise everything is going to fall into place for us. It might be a little different at first, but then you'll see, it'll just get better."


 "Okay," Kennedy said, "I'm sold. Let's go to England."


 "Oh," Willow wined, "You don't know how much I wish I could take you with me."


"Why can't you?" Kennedy said, "You think I care that I don't understand all the details of that earthy hocus pocus Giles and your coven friends will talk about? I still love your magic and I want to be around it."


"Mmm," Willow wined, "I can't take you with me for stupid reasons. I'm helping an old friend with a temporal disturbance who really likes their privacy, but after this I don't think it'll be an issue."


"Is this your friend that you spend all the time on the phone with? You're helping her out with a temporal disturbance? Like a disturbance in her brain? She's a psycho-magic-chick and you're like her therapist 'cause you're a former-psycho-magic-chick?"


"No, no!" Willow said with a laugh, "You're so cute. A temporal disturbance is like when time goes all floopy in one area. It's usually caused by the Rwasundi demons. Although, Giles didn't mention them. He just said a temporal disturbance. Giles did say Tar--someone-- had a 'temporal disturbance' when they were driven mystically crazy once."


"Well, I'm no magic expert, but I know how Giles and you communicate. Your friend probably did go nuts from magic like Tara," Kennedy said, "but he didn't want to tell you because he didn't want you to stress until you got there. He keeps forgetting what I know, that you can do anything. If you saved Tara from this temporal thing, you'll save your friend and be back here before you get used to the time change. It's okay to say Tara's name, you know. So, we've both loved other women in the past. All that matters is we both love each other now.."


 "Only a god can cause a temporal disturbance in someone's head," Willow mumbled, "There's no way that could've--Giles said she was just too busy to come to the phone herself. I couldn't figure out why he told me to bring Spike."


She jumped up and pulled her cow flannel pajama tops on and started doing a mad topless search of her bookshelves with her brows in an adorable knit.


Kennedy knew Willow was getting all distracted now. It wasn't a big deal. Willow saying she loved Kennedy was a big deal! She was going to be understanding about England and let Willow do her thing. As bratty as she was, Kennedy realized if she was with one of the most powerful women in the universe she was going to have to give her some space to do other things, like go to England to help some girl with Giles and bring...


"Wait, did you just say--"Kennedy began.


Kennedy heard her phone go off from somewhere in the room. The ring tone was the "Limp Bizkit" version of that good old George Michael song:


"Faith," Kennedy stated as she answered her phone that she had to crawl behind some bookshelves to find.

"What up?"


"Oh good," Faith drawled back, "You're alive. Thought maybe that spontaneous slayering your girlfriend zapped into you killed you or more likely she screwed you to death because the witch has got a thing for zombie eviscerators."


"Talk about what turns you on to your corpse boyfriend," Kennedy answered, "Willow and I have a very safe healthy relationship. Unlike you people with your unnatural lifestyle we don't go around killing each other."


"Wow, I was gonna ask you if you wanted to check out this new coffee house where all the hip kids hang out. Ya know, so we could case the joint for demon scum. But if you are going to bore me with talk of your safe an' healthy relationship, I don't know," Faith said.


"You mean you're bored because your boyfriend and your father and son vamp team are sleeping and no matter how hard you try you just can't sleep through the whole day."


"Well, you almost have it," Faith said, "Angel's gone global and his bat signal went off in Europe, and if you call Connor a vampire one more time I'll kick your teeth in; Spike is gonna sleep until at least sundown with the rug burns I gave him. I really thought I'd be right there with him, but maybe I'm all motherly and can't sleep without a full house. Unless all the rug burns he gave me just gave me too much of a buzz to sleep. That's more like it. I'm already at the place. You comin' to get coffee or what?"


"I might have to sit this one out," Kennedy said, "My girl might be going away for a few days soon. So..."


Kennedy looked at Willow. She was busy with a book she dusted off.


"Because she's sore from eight straight days with you," Faith said, "C'mon, K, bring the all-powerful little missus. I'll give a jingle to Harris and Dawn so she feels at home. I've been meaning to debrief with them about the whole zombie Nazi thing anyway."


"Hang on a sec."


 Kennedy looked over at Willow again. She knew that her girl could hear the whole conversation. Faith didn't exactly have a low cell phone voice. Kennedy also suddenly remembered that Willow wasn’t a big fan of how Faith and Kennedy joked around about sex. She didn't know why she always seemed to forget this when she was talking to Faith. Kennedy knew if she could just get Faith to tone it down Willow would really like hanging out with Faith too.


"Oh," Willow looked up from her book looking serious and tired, "You should go ahead, but I have some calls I need to make here."


"You have some sleep you need to get," Kennedy said to her.


"I do, don't I?" Willow gave her a tired smile, "I won't be good to anyone if I don't do that. You do make me stronger, you know? Ready for almost everything."


"Everything is just what's coming up for us, Red. Just like you said," Kennedy smiled back.


"Yeah, stuff's coming up," Willow said.


Willow absent mindedly put her pajama top back on covering up her perky breasts and pink nipples. Boo. She did this while never taking her eyes off her book, which was so adorable it almost made up for the best day so-far ending. Kennedy pecked Willow on the head and started heading out to find her jeans to meet Faith.


"Willow has better things to do than come to one of your so-called debriefing sessions that just devolve into everyone A.D.D.ing and getting high on sugar while doing target practice with those vamp-guns,” Kennedy said.


Willow was really anti-gun. She was strictly a stake girl. She didn't even like cross-bows since one killed her cat by accident. Kennedy thought it was time Willow got a new cat.


“It’s called having fun, K,” Faith said.


“Fun!” Kennedy joked to Faith, “I don’t know what happened to you, chickie. You turned on me. You used to run a tight ship. Now you have that vampire pawing at you and you live off the other one's money while his kid follows you like a puppy. I’ll bet you even made a mess of my house. Not the way it’s supposed to be. You are still The One True Chosen Slayer in this world, you know? ”


Kennedy gave Willow one last look from the hall. Willow looked at Kennedy so intensely as if Kennedy had just said something major. Then she smiled and looked away. It was hard to leave her, but she could tell that was what her girl wanted, and Faith would be happy if Kennedy came back into the fold too. Most importantly, Kennedy would be happy with all of it, especially after Willow came back from England. No, most importantly Willow was happy and loved her, and even though she might fret like a sexy Jewish-Wicca Princess Goddess from time to time Kennedy would be her rock.


“Yeah, I’m an abomination as a Slayer. Everyone knew that years ago. Get with the times,” Faith’s voice said from the phone.


“I have to admit,” Kennedy said with Willow out of earshot, “I’m more into wanting time to stand still ‘cause it’s so good right now. Did you happen to feel that earthquake? It was centralized in my girlfriend’s house because we really did make the earth move.”


“Cool,” Faith said, “Hey, bring your gun. I have some more wooden tipped bullets Connor cooked up. You want a mint mocha?”




Who’s going to England to help some girl now? How does love work with all these super strong people when they are willing to die (and lie) for more than one person? I don’t know I didn’t write that part yet. I’m doing it today.


Anyway, if you live in California please vote NO on Prop 8. A NO for 8 is a NO for Hate! Marriage and Family for all!


Want Kennedy’s t-shirt from this fic go to: www.hotheadpaisanDOTcom


appraisal of resources in story.

I think you nailed their assets about right, and I mean financial assets; in just about the entire series Kenny is concluded to be in all accounts (financially speaking) a princess, and she'd be at least somewhat romantic as well; hence the referring to Willow as a "Jewish Princess" comment.
All in all, a fun story, despite the relationship involved.
Sincerely pleased with this;

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