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A Buffy/Angel RPG

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A lot has changed since Cordelia Chase, Angel, and Wesley Wyndham-Pryce were Scoobies.  They've come a long way and now they're Champions, but they're about to get a blast from the past.

When the Scoobies closed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale it left them wondering...what now?  Now they could do anything they wanted, but what did they want?

It was a hard year for the Champions what with Cordelia and Connor helping bring on the end of the world and all, but somehow they survived and came out stronger for it.  Cordelia woke from her coma, Angel managed to talk Connor down, and now the Champions are just trying to rebuild what was ripped apart.  That is, until the Scoobies show up on their doorstep.


This RP is set post-Buffy season 7 and post-Angel season 4 with an AU twist to Angel.  Connor was talked down, Cordelia woke up, and they are still at the Hyperion.

I hope this is allowed! If not, mods can just delete.



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